Apr 26 2019

First Quarter News for 2019

STOLADI’s employee contest “SNOW JOKE” was won by Guy Wilson who guessed closest to the first snow event of the season!  Renato Bangit and Mike Stepper also won prizes for their guesses.     

STOLADI was awarded the parking garage management in addition to managing the office building for 777 N. Capital Street, NE in February.  

STOLADI attended the Dress for Success Power Breakfast and Congressional Suit Drive on International Women’s Day.  Dress for Success is an organization that helps women transitioning into the workforce by providing professional clothing, career advice and emotional support.    

The annual STOLADI corporate 3M meeting was held in March with the executive team and property managers.  Corporate goal setting and an in-depth discussion of our systems and procedures was facilitated by The Clearing.    Energage was also at the meeting and presented the results from our annual employee engagement surveys.