As one of the founders of STOLADI, Jim Stokes brings his forty-plus years of real estate expertise to the daily operations of the company. A graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas, Jim entered into real estate out of enjoyment for the science of real estate decisions. Jim oversees all phases of acquisitions, management operations, consulting, leasing, construction management, and engineering. His oversight of quality control sets STOLADI apart from its competitors.

Jim enjoys a leadership role in the company because he believes in enabling his team to thrive in the real estate industry. He continues to devote himself to the company and finds solutions for each of STOLADI‘s managed or owned properties. As General George S. Patton famously said “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”  Jim Stokes is always thinking, and his commitment to new ideas and service excellence is one of the keys to STOLADI‘s success.

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