Tim Shaughnessy joined the STOLADI team in 2023 as Director of Engineering. Tim is responsible for making sure that STOLADI and Client goals are met, standards of quality are upheld, and legal regulations are followed. Tim’s background is as a “hands-on” manager but he is looking forward to the challenge of developing the leadership skill set required to help the STOLADI team and its clients meet their goals in the ever-changing, always dynamic DC metro area.

Tim came into the real estate industry working for a local privately held commercial HVAC company planning, designing, and installing sometimes highly specialized environmental systems and controls. Tim then moved to a large, multi-state building owner with a variety of building types. His role there was the planning, designing, monitoring, and inspecting all building systems, including environmental controls, and emergency services, along with water, sewer, life safety, and repairs. Projects include garage renovations, VRF/DOA building retrofits, EMS/BMS retrofits, cooling tower replacements, chiller replacements, VAV retrofits, life safety equipment replacements, RTU installations, and more.

Tim’s reputation is built upon his ability to find cost-effective solutions to the wide variety of challenges arising from modern and, sometimes, not-so-modern building systems. On time, on budget, and meeting the requirements are Tim’s goals. Tim preaches that everyone is heard in a team effort to reach and exceed a common goal, excellent service.

As a STOLADI team member, Tim looks forward to ensuring that the design and maintenance of building systems meet legislative, health, and safety requirements and assessing the life cycle of buildings and their component services to minimize resources consumed and the impact on the environment.

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